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Hawk Ridge in Duluth had nothing like the large August numbers they had last year, but with over birds for the month, their results were still pretty good. In Pennsylvania, Allegheny Front had something of an average August, but still posted strong Broad-winged Hawk results. Virtually everything that flies past their mountain did so in numbers higher and sometimes a lot higher than usual for August. Their big exception was the Northern Harrier, which had a weak August almost everywhere. The southerly sites, especially in Virginia, had a rough start to their seasons due to weather issues.

Rockfish Gap tried to get in a count for several days before it stopped raining and the fog cleared. In Massachusetts, which boasts a lot of sites, only Blueberry Hill attempted a count in August. The number of sites that count in August is still pretty low compared with those that start in September. Let September begin! Labels: , August , Fall hawk migration. Wednesday, August 25, Fall migration report - late August.

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More hawkwatches are opening almost every day now, and the hawkwatching is improving just as fast. Corpus Christi in south Texas already has had at least one banner day when 1, Mississippi Kites headed south.

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Counters reported several kettles of more than kites at a time on August 16, though with a temperature of in the shade, that might not count as fall hawkwatching. In the eastern U.

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One thing that can be said for rain is that hawkwatching the day after it is usually pretty good! The best days so far this season were August , when Hawk Mountain was the first site north of Corpus Christi to post more than raptors. They counted on the 20th and just missed that mark the next day with On the 20th their count included 14 Bald Eagles and 17 Osprey. In non-hawk sightings, a few red-breasted nuthatches have already been reported, and a few south-bound ravens as well.

Warblers are moving in fairly good numbers as well, at least when you consider it's still August. Overall, migration seems a tad ahead of schedule for this point in the month, even with the days lost to rain and fog. In another week, September 1 will be here and most hawkwatches will be up and running and in full swing. Here in the mid-Atlantic, the weather will clear for tomorrow Thursday and bring a nice northwest wind.

It just might be a good day to play hooky. Labels: Fall hawk migration. Monday, August 16, Fall hawkwatching is heating up!

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The floodgates of hawkwatches for the fall season are starting to open! A total of 8 hawkwatches reported sightings yesterday Sunday. So how do these early season results look so far? August 14 was their best day so far and brought 10 Bald eagles, including 5 in one kettle.

Derby Hill, near Mexico, NY, counted for the first time August 14 and their count of currently tops the list for the most raptors seen on one day in this fledgling fall season. Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania, took honors of a different kind on August 14 with the first marriage proposal and acceptance of the new hawkwatching season. Congratulations go to Jason Book and Ashley Harris.

Stay tuned! Those hawkwatching floodgates will open wide on September 1! Labels: August , Fall hawk migration. For the past few years I have been following several pairs of Red-tailed Hawks breeding in the close suburbs of Boston. One pair has been followed year round, as this pair does not migrate. This March I started following another pair nesting on an exposed ledge in a suburban strip mall, and have been observing them and their fledged young very closely.

Storks! Learn About Storks And Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look And Learn! (50+ Photos Of Storks)

In late July I was surprised when early one morning we saw the adult male, known as Buzz, break off several tree branches and carry them to a large nest that the pair might have used in , or rebuilt but did not use in Data suggests the nest that they might have used in blew down in October of that year, but a completed nest was discovered in the same tree this March. Buzz, the adult male, broke off at least three branches and carried them to the nest where they were worked into the foundation by his mate, Ruby.

This behavior was reconfirmed a week later when we spotted Buzz breaking off branches and carrying them to the nest where they had raised three young this year. No one in a rather large corps of observers had seen either of the adults back in the nest since the last chick fledged in early June, but Buzz carried several green, leafy branches into the nest and did some point work on the entire nest.

Then Buzz and Ruby sat up on the end of the building, facing the unknown Red-tail for about an hour. Later that same morning we saw both adults break off twigs and carry them into the top of a thick white pine tree, where their behavior suggests they had another, previously known, nest. That would mean they had been working on at least three, possibly four different nests in the month of July, little more than six weeks after their last chick had fledged.

Have readers observed or read about similar behavior in other Red-tailed Hawks? My expectation is that with a very dense population of breeding Red-tails in suburban Boston, this pair will probably not migrate, preferring to stay near their nests all year long. It looks like I will be much more interested in hawk migration this year than they will be.

Roberts at PM 1 comment:. Labels: Nest , Red-tailed Hawks , redtails.

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Fall Hawkwatching season is now officially open! Three hawkwatches opened for the new migration season on August 1, all three in Pennsylvania. Given the southerly winds, rain, fog and haze, the results are not unexpected. Another handful of watches will put binoculars in the sky around August 15, and by September 1 most sites will be at full speed again. What will this new migration season bring? Great numbers? Disappointing results? More American Kestrels, perhaps?

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Stay tuned to Hawk Migration Notes for regular updates on how the season is progressing. Who had a big day? Where was that rare raptor seen? We'll provide regular highlights of the season as it is occurring. Starting in September, the highlights will become more frequent, as will, we hope, the hawks.

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Labels: hawk migration , highlights. Monday, July 26, Kittatinny Roundtable. Posted by Carolyn H at AM 1 comment:. Labels: Hawk Mountain , hawks , Kittatinny Roundtable. Lots of us make annual pilgrimages to the Texas coast, or to Veracruz to see the large-scale migration. Some migrate all over the continent to favorite spots each spring or fall like Cape May, Hawk Mountain or Hawk Ridge, hoping to catch a stellar broadwing day or an invasion of goshawks. And of course to catch up with all your other migrant hawkwatching friends!