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London: Andrew Melrose, , pp. Skinner, also R.

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Mona Brand, extract from Susan Pfisterer ed. Jessie M. Blackett Robinson, , pp. Sister Anne!! Daniel Ltd. News Letter , 2, 7, October , p. Katherine N. Patricia Allen.

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Newfoundland and World War II The History of Feminism series aims to make key archival source material available to scholars, researchers, postgraduates and undergraduates working in the fields of women and gender studies, women's history and women's writing.

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View Cart. However, I have lived most of my life in the United States, where I have seen strict government regulation in surf tourism. The municipalities of Oahu and Maui have not let developers build shopping malls and fancy hotels next to the Banzai Pipeline, Honolua Bay and Jaws waves. For a new surf city to be successful, El Salvador has to study and implement land development regulation that mimics measures taken in other cities around the world that have embraced sustainable development that protects the environment and at the same time benefits local communities.

The country simply does not have the capital, and it will be a waste of money, leading to ghost cities when they fail to attract investors and buyers. From the truly sustainable surf cities where I have lived, two cities stand out in particular: Haleiwa in Oahu, Hawaii, and Santa Cruz in California. There might be others around the world, but since I have not lived there so I cannot talk about them. In a Salvadoran surf city, municipalities cannot just let any business that pays taxes settle in that city.

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In El Salvador, most surfers that come will tell you that Puerto de La Libertad has the feel of a ghetto neighborhood. This city has the best wave of Central America in Punta Roca, but not many tourists like to stay here. All kinds of business that pollute the environment have been allowed to operate here like gas stations, tire changes, fast food restaurants, and so on. For tourists to recognize Puerto de La Libertad as a surf city, too many businesses would have to be dismantled.

One coastal city in the Wild East that lost the opportunity to become a surf city was El Cuco. Along with Costa del Sol, it has the best white sand beaches of the country and some decent beach breaks for surfing. Alcohol rules supreme, and mayors from different political parties have been scared to close canteens that sell pure alcohol from 7 am till late night hours. Drunkards are seen on a daily basis sleeping on the sidewalks, pissing on walls, molesting pretty women and begging for change for the next shot of whiskey.

As a result, businesses have more incentive to hire Nicaraguan immigrants to do the jobs that El Cuco residents cannot perform. Another regulation that the Salvadoran government needs to promote is the development of green public areas like parks next to the water's edge. In El Salvador, this might prove tricky to implement because local land developers are addicted to building hotels as close as possible to the water's edge.

Municipalities in El Salvador most likely won't have the capital to assist hotels in repairing seawalls when the ocean decides to claim them. At Toro de Oro, since there has been no development at all, it would be relatively easy to develop green areas. In fact, it already has green areas in the form of a forest that has grown spontaneously in spite of the deforestation that is happening in the region. In order to promote public green areas close to the water's edge and hotels being built in the adjacent hills, the government needs to make sure that land developers do not block access roads to the public.

Many beaches have been effectively privatized in El Salvador with the simple action of landowners blocking the access road to a public beach. This is detrimental to the local economy and to property value of the land in the adjacent hills. However, when it comes to access roads to the surf, the differences between these two regions are striking. In the North Shore of Oahu, every half kilometer there is an access road. People who try to block access to the surf very likely can end up with a broken nose besides a lawsuit.

In La Libertad region, the number of public access roads to the beach has been steadily declining. The economic consequences are that El Tunco cannot create more hotels in the hills and more jobs because there are no access roads anymore.


Nicaragua: A Paradise Poised for Discovery

There is going to be more traffic in the area with no access to the surf, which is a major economic contradiction. One of the most visible failures of access roads to the surf in El Salvador happened at Costa del Sol. The major land developer who sold lots failed to develop that beach to its full potential. He did not allow for any public green areas next to the beach. Instead, he let private homeowners close most of the access to the beach and build tall walls around their homes.