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Have you preordered the new Legion of Super-heroes ongoing series? Where were the Fantastic Four going on the original failed mission that gave them their abilities? And what will they find there? Who are The Unparalleled? Written and drawn by Grendel originator Matt Wagner! Peter Quill risks all of reality to stop Galactus! Featuring Miles Morales and a host of Spider-people from across dimensions! Can he fight his way through floors to freedom? The stage for the Dawn of X titles is set!

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The hype is real on the Immortal Hulk! Hailing from the distant future, on a mission into the past, who is Major X? Find out why Sluggo is lit! The pathway to the Legion of Super-heroes begins here! Art by Alan Davis! Life plays out differently for everyone. Some people have had twenty-three different jobs. Or more. Considering that the store opened in , I could be the longest continuous Acme Comics employee, I have no idea. Thing have been so busy I thought about not writing up anything at all this year, but then I decided that I did have something to say.

I was recently reminded by someone who played a direct role in my involvement with Acme Comics that despite my in ability to see it, and bouts of Imposter Syndrome, I have had a consistent vision for what I wanted this business to be. As of this writing a second figure from the past told me as much, also without prompting. It was always important to me to display our comics and graphic novels in a way that made sense and showcased it in the best way possible. Graphic novels were not as common and all encompassing then as they are now, so featuring the actual back issue comic book was the thing to do.

Back issues were and still are my specialty!

As I look around the store right now, most of the displays I see were not arranged by me personally. I may have refined one or two, but the aesthetic is there!

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The display for the House of X and Powers of X Ten features not only all of the first printing mini series issues, but pertinent graphic novels. This goes beyond cold and clinical terms such as genre racking. At this point, I think it is hard wired into the DNA of Acme Comics and will always be something visitors can expect to see here in some form or another. The First Place being the home and the Second Place being work. This goes beyond retail basics such as simply greeting and interacting with customers. It is literally what led me to volunteer my time after my actual paying job here until a position came open and here we are twenty three years later.

It is the thing that causes people who have traveled out of state or even out of the country to visit us as soon as they arrive back at Piedmont Triad International Airport. Before they go home, they visit here. The frequency at which that happens as always amazed me! The prevailing sentiment is that everyone, no matter their knowledge level of comic books or pop culture, feel welcome here. Welcome may not be the right word. I can believe that. If I were to visit an auto parts store, bad example because most people know what they are looking for there and are not browsing, I would likely be somewhat out of sorts.

I may not know exactly what I needed or where to find the item I needed in the sea of inventory. Again, this is a bad example because I do know more than nothing about auto parts, but hopefully you get the analogy. If I knew auto parts to that degree, that is the way it would be. The world of comic books can indeed be noisy with bold images, decades of history, and the appearance that everyone already knows everything instantly. If we do our job correctly, if being ambassadors to the world of comics is paramount in what we do here, then the potential for everyone to feel like Acme Comics can be one of their Third Places will endure.

The book club concept was entirely new ground for us, but we took a chance and it is now a clear evolution of the Third Place idea. Ours is not the first graphic novel book club, nor is it the only graphic novel book club, but ours always impresses me with their insights. Meetings take place once per month after close and anyone can attend to discuss the graphic novel being spotlighted. Hearing from experienced and entirely new readers for material from Watchmen to Deadly Class has been both fascinating and illuminating.

If you are interested in participating search for Acme Comics Book Club on Facebook for more information. Although this award was recently produced from the archives of my Junior year at Grimsley High School. I have no memory of this at all, but maybe it is some sort of proof that I am on some sort of retail Determinist destiny. All that rambling was said in preface of saying this.

During my time with Acme Comics, whether I knew it was happening or not, a certain core principal was set that became permanently bonded to this place. I believe that principal still endures twenty three years later and continues to set us apart from any other store. That is the foundation from which we launch new initiatives and objectives. With this in mind, the potential for the growth of Acme Comics remains strong. Necessity requires vagueness, but I have ideas to reaffirm our core principals and brand new concepts that I am curious to experiment with.

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The senior staff here has amazing plans beyond anything I would have considered that I am genuinely excited to be a part of. To say that were trying times is an understatement.

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We have endured and here in we are galvanized. You can count on us. With your support through Twitter retweets, Facebook shares, Google reviews, new people constantly find Acme Comics. We remain a Greensboro institution since and a destination for comic book fans as near as Burlington NC and as far as Germany and South America.

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That means a lot to me and all of us here. That lets us know that we are on the right track.

Dark Horse Comics

Something else that lets us know we are on the right track is when supporters like Cameron here let us know what Acme Comics means to them. Will he be able to stop himself or will someone else have to intervene to stop him? Her search for more information about her origins puts her in the sights of Superman and Batman at a critical juncture!

Plus, where is the Red Goblin, Normal Osborn?

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The Avengers vs the Cosmic Ghost Rider! Batman and Superman will have to get past one of the most powerful heroes of all before they can begin to figure out who they can trust!

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By Joshua Williamson and David Marquez! The saga of the Batman Who Laughs continues here! What will she think of the methods Mister Freeze used to make her resurrection possible? Dial H is now a twelve part series! The Hero Dial turns up in Metropolis making it the city of a thousand super heroes!

Written and drawn by fan favorite creator Stejpan Sejic! Featuring the Juggernaut and Foggy Nelson! Now Otto faces an even more powerful and deranged Norman Osborn from the pages of Spider-geddon! Is this the beginning of the end? Six Transformers whose contributions were wiped from history. Where are they now and what are they planning?